Hotaru Clan 蛍氏

My favorites from my entry for the Shogunate Challenge.

"Commanded by women, it's a matriarchal society. According to legend the Hotaru Clan is dark and evil, and is known for haunting old dense forests with its spirits accompanied by magical lights.
The clan and its people adopt the legend's reputation as a form of protection, keeping strangers away. However, it's very peaceful and welcoming to those who need and have a good heart. For that reason, it's a very diverse clan with no heritage, sheltering exiles, refugees and yokai.
Isolated, the clan members prefer to be left alone and do not get involved in other people's quarrels. Its location is known by no one but themselves, being reachable only by secret passages in the forests.
They are vegetarians and very respectful to nature, protecting it. In return they receive blessings, food, water and the protection of the great yokai Baku."